Where to buy the best bulletproof coffee in Sydney 2020

Find out where to buy a cup of bulletproof coffee in Sydney

Regardless of whether or not you believe the hype surrounding butter coffee, it’s good to know there are some cafes around Sydney that will brew you up a batch.

In this list I’ve first mentioned the cafes which specifically state that they serve bulletproof coffee, or specifically list the ingredients as grass-fed butter, coffee and MCT oil. Some cafes serve butter coffee with coconut oil rather than MCT oil, so I’ve listed these underneath the main list.

Want to brew your own bulletproof coffee at home? Here’s some cheap equipment you’ll need plus a recipe.

Jan 2020 update: Added Blackwood Pantry in Cronulla to the list

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The Gardens, Sydney CBD

The Gardens has two locations in the CBD: World Square and Chifley Square. It specialises in healthy food including omelettes, salad bowls and smoothies. More importantly, it also serves bulletproof coffee which I’ve personally enjoyed on many occasions. Also of note is the ‘Crash Stopper’ which is a long black with almond milk and cinnamon; and the ‘Pre Work Out Shot’ which is a double espresso with coconut oil.

Bondi Wholefoods Cafe, Surry Hills

Bondi Wholefoods Cafe serves bulletproof coffee in addition to a large list of juices and healthy drinks. It also has a great food menu including its homemade ‘Paleo Loaf’ and huge ‘Longevity Bowl’.

Bondi Wholefoods Cafe Surry Hills

Ruby’s Diner, Waverley

Ruby’s Diner serves a huge amount of healthy foods and goodies including its superfood muffins, raw breakfast salads, wild kombucha and fresh juices. It also serves bulletproof coffee which you can even get a whey protein added too! Also on the menu is the ‘Iceproof coffee’, which has filter black coffee, MCT oil and grass-fed butter with whey protein, all over ice.

Cali Press

Cali Press, multiple locations

Cali Press is a healthy juice bar and cafe chain located in a number of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, as well as a Clarence St in the Sydney CBD itself.

The cafe serves bulletproof coffee with organic grass-fed butter and XCT oil (Bulletproof’s official MCT oil product). It also serves an iced bulletproof coffee and a range of other interesting drinks such as its golden turmeric latte, iced turmeric latte, superfood matcha and much more.

They also serve a range of 100% raw and organic cold pressed juices, and a large number of smoothies.

Another great feature of this cafe is that it also has a small range of healthy bowls if you’re hungry. Some of these have great ingredients, such as “the naked” which has free-range chicken, baby spinach, roma tomatoes, avocado, goat’s feta, walnuts, goji berries and more.

Hale & Hearty, Waterloo

Hale & Hearty is an alternative food cafe with keto, gluten free, dairy free and vegan options. It serves bulletproof coffee in addition to regular coffee and specialty drinks such as turmeric and beetroot lattes. There are also fresh juices, kombuchas and other healthy drinks.

If you’re hungry, Hale & Hearty also serves a large range of keto friendly options, the most impressive being the range of keto pancakes. These are made with coconut flour and come in various flavours including blueberry and coconut, and almond and blackberry.

Blackwood Pantry, Cronulla

Blackwood Pantry in Sydney’s beautiful beachside suburb of Cronulla offers casual dining and a range of healthy food options including the roasted fennel salad, chili ginger fried quinoa and the SARAH’S DAY nourish bowl with grilled chicken skewers, quinoa, and mizuna and snow pea sprouts. 

It also sells a genuine Bulletproof coffee with espresso, MCT oil and grass fed butter. There are also other interesting hot drinks like the turmeric latte with Macamilk, house-made kombucha and a range of teas.

Cafes that use coconut oil rather than MCT oil:

  • Eat N Chill, Naremburn. Eat N Chill Cafe hoists the butter coffee flag in Sydney’s North, serving it’s ‘Shotgun’ coffee with a double shot of espresso, coconut oil and grass-fed butter. It also has a great breakfast and lunch menu including favourites like the Paleo Granola with coconut milk or yoghurt.
  • Egg of the Universe, Rozelle. This yoga studio and cafe in Rozelle sells a ‘Butter bullet’ which is a double shot of espresso blended with grass-fed butter. It also has a great range of foods and healthy drinks, including sweet potato and buckwheat pancakes and the pork shoulder and sweet potato hash.
  • Whole Meal Cafe, Darlinghurst. This cafe serves a Caveman Coffee, which is a long black with organic coconut oil. Like many of the other options in this list, Whole Meal Cafe serves a variety of paleo or otherwise healthy wholefood meals like the Harvest Plate with roasted pumpkin, steamed kale and quinoa to name a few ingredients. It also serves a diverse range of smoothies.
  • Bread & Circus, Alexandria. Bread & Circus serve the ‘Liquid Lama’, which is coffee with grass-fed butter and unrefined organic coconut oil. This is in addition to the many other great items on the menu including fruit plates, salads and a full lunch menu.
  • The Shack, multiple locations. The Shack Wholefoods Cafe has probably the best coverage of Sydney, having a presence in Gymea, Monterey and Penrith! The menu is comprehensive, with many options for those looking for grain-free meals or meals without processed foods. The drinks menu is equally impressive, with fresh juices, protein smoothies and Bulletproof coffee with a double shot of espresso with grass-fed butter and coconut oil.

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The Shack Bulletproof Coffee

A bulletproof coffee from The Shack

Did I miss anything? Are any of the cafes above now closed? Let me know in the comments section!

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