The Best Healthy & Paleo Restaurants and Cafes Sydney 2020

Sydney has a large number of healthy eateries to sink your teeth in, so there’s no excuse to break your diet on the weekend (unless you want to!).

Below are some ideas taken from suggestions, research and my own personal experience.

I originally toyed with calling this a paleo restaurant guide, but broadened it to the all-encompassing title of ‘healthy’. In saying that, most options below could fit a paleo or primal diet in one shape or another.

The criteria for a restaurant or cafe’s inclusion into this list is that the majority of its menu must be geared towards wholefoods with minimal preservatives or processed ingredients. The venue might also offer grain-free options, fermented vegetables, and other options that appeal to those trying to eat healthily.

If you have a suggestion, drop it in the comments box below! Together we can make this an awesome resource for anyone trying to eat a bit healthier when they head out in Sydney.

I’ve also made a map showing all the healthy cafes and restaurants mentioned at the bottom of this guide.

Recent updates:

  • January 2020: Updated Sprout Wholefoods to reflect new name (Eat N Chill Wholefood Cafe) and updated the map with new locations. Removed Whole Meal Cafe as it’s now closed down.

Healthy cafes in Sydney

The Gardens, multiple locations

The Gardens has a number of locations in the heart of the city. It has a range of healthy breakfast and lunch options.

If you’re getting breakfast, they allow you to build your own omelette with three fillings including ingredients like avocado, broccoli, mushrooms, olives, onions and even chia or goats cheese, and then add a protein such as bacon, turkey bacon, Tasmanian salmon or chicken breast.

The Gardens almond pancakes
The Gardens organic almond pancakes

For lunch they have a range of salad bowls including The Gardens Salad which features sweet potato, beetroot, corn, lentils, goats cheese, parsley and preserved lemon which you can add chicken to. You can also create your own lunch by picking bases such as sweet potato and pumpkin mash or quinoa and then adding a protein and sides.

They also serve bulletproof coffee and a range of smoothies and juices.

  • Locations:
    • Shop 24 level 1/2 Chifley Square, Sydney
    • Shop 1, World Square Shopping Centre, 644 George Street, CBD, Sydney
  • Open: Mon – Sun 6:30am – 4pm (World Square location closes at 2pm on weekends)

Egg of the Universe, Rozelle

In addition to being a yoga studio, Egg of the Universe in Rozelle is a cafe with a variety of healthy options. The Big Brekkie is my kind of meal, with poached eggs, bacon, tomato, mushrooms, kale, slaw, sauerkraut and paleo bread. Also of note is their pork shoulder with sweet potato hash, their Perfect Circle salad and their chicken broths.

Egg of the universe perfect circle salad
The Perfect Circle salad. Source: Instagram

Egg of the Universe also offers house-made kombucha, smoothies and butter coffee.

  • Location: 711 Darling St, Rozelle, NSW, 2039
  • Open: Mon – Fri 7:30am – 3pm, Sat – Sun 8am-3.30pm
  • Other details: Facebook, Twitter

Bondi Wholefoods, Surry Hills

Bondi Wholefoods serves a great selection of paleo breakfast options, including the Longevity Bowl (below), which has poached eggs, kale and avocado, sweet potato, quinoa, miso mushrooms, baby spinach and more.

Bondi Wholefoods longevity bowl and all greens juice
The longevity bowl and all greens juice.

They also serve a tasty paleo bread loaf made using eggs, almond meal, capsicum, zucchini, olives, zucchini and sun-dried tomato.

Bondi Wholefoods vegan vanilla pancakes and banana chia loaf
Vegan vanilla pancakes and banana chia loaf.

I also love their extensive sides menu, including fermented vegetables, spinach, kale and bio-dynamic lamb.

  • Location: 517-527 Elizabeth Street Surry Hills
  • Open: Mon – Sat 7am – 4pm, Sun 8am – 4pm
  • Other details: Twitter, Facebook

Hale & Hearty, Waterloo

Hale & Hearty is an alternative food restaurant which includes gluten free, diary free, sugar free, vegetarian and vegan options.

The standout items for some will be the keto pancakes made with coconut flour, coconut cream, stevia and eggs. These come in three different versions: blueberry and coconut, almond and blackberry or peach and walnut.

There’s also a range of delicious salads such as the turmeric chicken with with toasted almonds, radish, roquette, corn and more.

Hale & Hearty also serves a variety of drinks including kombucha, milkshakes made with coconut ice cream, iced drinks including iced turmeric, and bulletproof coffee.

  • Location: 859 Bourke Street, Waterloo NSW, 2017
  • Open: Mon – Sun 8am – 4pm
  • Other details: Facebook, Instagram

The Shack Organic Wholefoods Cafe, multiple locations

The Shack is heaven for someone looking after their health. There aren’t many items I wouldn’t eat from this menu, from delicious breakfast options like the large Crossfit Breakfast with eggs, turkey, green beans, sweet corn, avocado, sweet potato cake and basil yoghurt; to the protein blueberry pancakes.

The Cross Fit Breakfast

Lunch is just as special, with a delicious bio-dynamic lamb salad with spinach, cinnamon and activated walnuts and a zucchini noodle dish with truffle porcini mushrooms, broccoli, tomato and more!

It doesn’t stop there, with plenty of smoothies, bulletproof coffee, tumeric lattes and more.

The Shack is a great option for Sydneysiders because it’s located in Penrith, Gymea and Monterey.

  • Locations:
    • Gymea: 94 Gymea Bay Road
    • Monterey: 83 Barton Street
    • Penrith: 12 The Crescent
  • Open: Mon to Fri 7am – 4pm, Sat to Sun 7am – 4:30pm
  • Other details: Facebook, Instagram

Broth Bar and Larder, Bronte

Broth Bar and Larder is, as the name suggests, a bone broth bar, serving both beef and chicken broths. There’s also a ‘meal of the day’ which can vary depending on ingredients, so while it may not be paleo it’ll be made using whole foods rather than processed ingredients.

Broth Bar & larder meal of the day
An example of a meal of the day at Broth Bar & Larder. Source: Instagram

In fact, Broth Bar and Larder is so concerned with their ingredients that they actually list their suppliers on the menu, which I found to be a nice transparent touch.

  • Locations:  49 Belgrave St, Bronte
  • Open: Mon – Sat 8am – 6pm, Sun 11am – 4pm
  • Other details: Facebook, Instagram

Dolce Terra, Manly

Dolce Terra has a large menu which includes options like omelettes, poached Tasmanian salmon and homemade muesli and granola, but the star of the show is definitely their salads! They have a large regularly changing selection with my personal favourite ingredient kimchi.

They also sell ginger and turmeric shots, smoothies and nitro coffee!

  • Locations: 5-7 Raglan St
  • Open: Mon – Sun 7am – 3:30pm
  • Other details: Facebook, Instagram

Eat N Chill Wholefood Cafe, Naremburn

Another great selection from Sydney’s North is Eat N Chill Wholefood Cafe. They’re also one of the few locations to buy a butter coffee from in the North.

Their breakfast menu has some standout items like the Paleo Granola Bowl with toasted nuts, coconut, berries and maple syrup; and the naked breakfast with poached eggs, haloumi, mushrooms and salsa.

The lunch menu is also great, with some awesome salads and bowls including the Nourish Bowl with roasted pumpkin, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, roasted chickpeas, poached egg and optional grilled chicken.

In the beverage department they serve the Shotgun, which is a grass-fed butter coffee with coconut oil. Some other notable options on the drinks menu includes turmeric lattes, matcha lattes, fresh juices and smoothies.

  • Locations: 272-274 Willoughby Rd
  • Open: Mon – Thurs 6.30am – 3pm, Fri 6.30am – 9pm, Sat 7am – 9pm, Sun 7am – 3pm
  • Other details: Facebook

Ruby’s Diner, Waverly

Ruby’s Diner is another great option for those in Sydney’s East.

For breakfast they have some interesting selections, like their superfood muffin made from brown rice flour, buckwheat, cacao nibs, flax, chia seeds, coconut oil and maple syrup.

They also make their own banana loaf, again with brown rice flour. I also like the sound of their coconut chilli eggs with split pea curry sauce.

Lunch doesn’t disappoint either, with their green bibimbap which packs soft boiled egg, cabbage-cucumber pickle, avocado and brocollini to name a few ingredients. The paleo burger is also great for those wanting an Angus beef burger without the bun.

Ruby’s also serves bulletproof coffee and the Iceproof coffee, which is a bulletproof coffee with whey protein over ice. They also have a large variety of other drinks including kombucha and juices.

  • Location: 173-179 Bronte Road Waverley
  • Open: Mon – Fri 7am – 3pm, Sat – Sun 7am – 3:30pm
  • Other details: Facebook

Ouroboros Cafe

Ouroboros Cafe is another reason why Surry Hills is one of Sydney’s healthy hotspots.

The Paleo Breakfast is a great way to start the day, with poached eggs, sauteed kale, roasted mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, smashed avocado and chili.

You can wash this down with a range of cold pressed juices, smoothies and specialty health drinks like turmeric or beetroot lattes, or kombucha.

For lunch, some standout options include the nourish bowl with fermented vegetables, or the grilled chicken and haloumi salad.

  • Location: 1/118 Devonshire St. Surry Hills
  • Open: Mon – Fri 7am – 5pm
  • Other details: Facebook

Bread & Circus, Alexandria

Bread & Circus makes it on the list because of its clean breakfasts like the parmesan not-so scrambled eggs with bio-dynamic egg, shaved parmesan, avocado, truffle oil, tomato, baby spinach and more; and its range of salad plates and lunches like the slow-roasted grass-fed leg of lamb.

They also have a range of sourdough sandwiches like the poached chicken and dijon-chive biodynamic yoghurt, and a hefty list of sides including fermented kimchi pickle, mixed mushrooms and more.

There’s also a variety of coffees and drink options to choose from, including standouts like the Liquid Lama, which is coffee blended with grass-fed butter and unrefined coconut oil; and cold pressed juices like the Something Green with kale, apple, spinach, cucumber, celery and lemon.

  • Location: 21 Fountain Street Alexandria
  • Open: Mon – Fri 7am – 3pm, Sat – Sun 7am – 4pm
  • Other details: Facebook, Instagram

Concrete Jungle, Chippendale

There are plenty of healthy options to devour at Concrete Jungle. Some of my favourites include the Nourish Bowl with beetroot hummus, kale, avocado, cucumber, sweet potato and corn fritters and quinoa. Then there’s the roasted cauliflower salad with cucumber, lime, mint, pomegranate and chickpeas.

There are other great lunch options too including barramundi with brocollini and grass-fed beef cheeks.

Another reason why I like Concrete Jungle is because of its good range of sides including cassava fries and sweet potato fries.

There’s also a range of smoothies such as the Supergreen with matcha, kale, banana, mango, lime and almond milk; cold pressed juices; and a number of flavoured kombuchas.

  • Location: 58 Kensington Street, Chippendale
  • Open: Tue–Fri 7am–3pm, Sat-Sun 7am–4pm
  • Other details: Facebook, Instagram

LB Canteen, Sydney CBD

Sydney city nine to fivers rejoice! LB Canteen has two locations in the heart of the CBD, one in right on Elizabeth Street and another on Bridge street.

Lunch options at LB Canteen. Source: Instagram

This establishment really shines in the lunch department, where they offer a number of proteins such as crispy skin pork belly or baked Atlantic salmon, with sides like broccoli with chili and tamarind sauce, baked sweet potato and cauliflower with turmeric and coconut milk. You can even add brussel sprouts with lentils and vinaigrette to your meal!

  • Locations:
    • 227 Elizabeth Street, Sydney
    • 2 Bridge Street, Sydney
  • Open: Mon – Fri 7am to 3pm
  • Other details: Facebook, Instagram

Fish bowl, multiple locations

Fish Bowl is a different concept to the other selections in this list, allowing you to choose a base and add a preselected range of fish and vegetables to your bowl, or build your own.

The O.G Bowl with kale, seaweed, salmon sashimi, shallots and more.

The build-your-own option means you can select healthy options like a green and purple cabbage base, throw in some yellowfin tuna, add some beetroot, carrot and cucumber, toss in some lemon olive oil and finish it off with some crunchy tamari almonds and avocado!

Healthy restaurants in Sydney

Porch & Parlour, Bondi

Porch & Parlour in beautiful Bondi also serves dinner in addition to its regular day-time cafe operations. The ocean trout fillet is a standout dish, and the biltong and olives are great side dishes.

Then there’s some tasty vegetable dishes like the turmeric roasted cauliflower with pickled vegetables, and the spiced butternut pumpkin with cavolo nero.

Porch and parlour greens
Greens at Porch and Parlour! Source: Instagram

They also serve a range of healthy drink options including kombucha, juices, and the golden gut turmeric latte with ginger, black pepper, vanilla bean and cinnamon!

  • Location: 17-18/110 Ramsgate Ave, North Bondi
  • Open:
    • Brunch: Mon to Sun, 6:30am – 3:30pm
    • Dinner: Wed – Sun, 5:30pm – 10pm
  • Other details: Facebook, Instagram


Yes I know, I too glossed over this recommendation for quite a while, not thinking a fast food restaurant could possibly serve paleo food. Then I actually found myself in a Grill’d early this year for a dinner with coworkers, worried that I would have to break my diet.

Luckily they now serve low carb buns made from eggs, tapioca flour, almond meal, coconut cream, psyllium husk, honey and salt. They’re not exactly the same as a regular burger bun, being flatter and less fluffy, but are a great compromise. Then you just have to pair it with fillings which are healthy too, such as the Nourish and Flourish, which has beef, avocado, mustard, pickle, shredded carrot, lettuce, tomato and egg mayo.

They also serve salads, sweet potato and zucchini fries, and my favourite brand of kombucha, Remedy.

Grilld Salad
The Grill’d Superpower Salad

There are a number of other reasons why Grill’d should make it onto your list:

  • Their burgers are also low in sugar with less than 5 grams per 100g
  • Their meat is grass-fed, free-range and sourced from local farms
  • Their beef and lamb is free from added hormones and antibiotics

Overall Grill’d deserves a spot on your list!

Chiswick, Woollahra

Chiswick in Woollahra crops up on many Sydneysiders’ paleo lists for good reason. While it’s not explicitly paleo, many of its ingredients are sourced from the garden on the premises, and its menu is simple and elegant.

For example, some good picks from its menu at the time of writing include the barra-in-a-bag with fennel, lemon and dill; and the roasted cauliflower, macadamia and broccolini.

  • Location: 65 Ocean Street, Woollahra
  • Open:
    • Lunch: Mon to Thu, 12 pm – 2.30 pm, Fri to Sat – 12pm – 3pm, Sunday – 12pm – 9pm
    • Dinner: Mon to Thu – 6 pm – 10 pm, Fri to Sat – 5:30pm – 10pm, Sunday – 12pm – 9pm
  • Other details: Facebook

Honorable mentions:

Greek. If you skip the pita, fries and anything else which is battered, Greek cuisine can fit neatly into the paleo bucket. It’s mostly beef, lamb, chicken, pork and seafood with big salads filled with vegetables. My picks in Sydney are: Yiamas in St.Peters at night, or EAT GRK in Beverly Hills or Parramatta during the day.

Yiamas dinner
A juicy plate of meat from Yiamas.

Brazilian churrasco. Brazilian barbecue restaurants are easy paleo favourites because they’re predominately meat (although some meats are obviously heavily basted/marinated). Most will also serve unlimited side dishes, although some of these are fried or legume-based, so if you’re sticking to a paleo or ketogenic diet be careful. My pick in Sydney is Braza in Darling Harbour. They serve a big variety of meat, seafood, chicken and pork and come around frequently with new dishes. You will leave this place stuffed!

Map of healthy cafes and restaurants in Sydney

You can view the full map here

Did I miss any good spots in Sydney? Leave your suggestions in the comments box below!

I plan to put together a list of healthy restaurants and cafes for some of the other capital cities too, so if you have any suggestions for good spots in other cities let me know via email.

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