Healthy Everyday with Pete Evans Cottage Pie Review

A hefty but healthy meal designed by paleo advocate Pete Evans

Rating: ★★★★☆

Pete Evans is a world renowned chef, and more recently, paleo and health advocate. As part of his support for the paleo and wholefood movement Pete co-founded the Healthy Everyday meals range and designed the menu.

The meals are all paleo-friendly and use high quality ingredients such as Inglewood Organic chicken and grass-fed beef.

There are 18 meals in the range, although I found it hard to try many of the meals because Healthy Everyday discontinued its delivery service in March 2018. This means you have to rely on your local supplier.

The two Woolworths stores that stock these meals near my home only have three meals on offer, so your choices may vary too.

Healthy Everyday with Pete Evans Coottage Pie Review Box
The meal box itself

Thr1ve has a cottage pie meal similar to this, with some differences in the ingredients used e.g Thr1ve uses white potato and ghee in its sweet potato mash whereas Healthy Everyday is pure sweet potato. Thr1ve’s Cottage Pie also includes seasonal greens such as broccoli and peas, which makes it more complete than this meal.

The Healthy Everyday meal is a dollar more expensive at $12.95 vs Thr1ve’s $11.95 Cottage Pie, but weighs in at 400g vs Thr1ve’s 335g.

Numbers and nutrition

As mentioned, this meal is a hefty 400g, and it adequately filled me up after a workout.

Healthy Everyday with Pete Evans Coottage Pie Review Meal Tray
The packaging of the meal right before I heated it up

Overall the meal is 1632kJ vs Thr1ve’s 1450kj.

When it comes to macronutrients, this meal is protein heavy at 40.8g, with 11.2g of fat and 26g of carbohydrates. It has 17.6g of sugar in it, which may come from a combination of the beetroot, sweet potato and red wine used in the dish.


The ingredients used in this meal at the time of writing were:

Sweet Potato (37.5%), Beef Sauce (32.5%) (Brown Onions, Carrots, Celery, Beetroot, Tomato Paste, Red Wine, Crushed Tomatoes, Beef Stock, Garlic, Ground Cumin, Thyme, Tallow (Beef), Salt, Pepper), Beef Mince (25%), Zucchini (5%).


Like many other meal services Healthy Everyday uses a vacuum sealed container which means each meal has a massive 28 day shelf life! This is great because it means you can avoid freezing meals, which always degrades the taste.

According to the Healthy Everyday website, meals are prepared in Sydney at a HACCP-approved kitchen.

In true Pete Evans fashion, the website spells out that the containers are BPA-free, PET-7 food grade plastic. Both the container and the film itself has a barrier which prevents plastic leaching into the food.

To heat the meal up you can use a stove top or microwave. I used a microwave, and it’s as simple as putting it in the microwave for three minutes. Once the meal came out it was quite hot, so I left it to sit for 30 seconds before peeling the plastic and letting the aroma waft out.

Healthy Everyday with Pete Evans Coottage Pie Review Heated up
The plastic film puffs up during the heating process

Taste test

This meal tasted great. The first thing I smelled was the gravy. It has a lovely tomato aroma, and is indeed rich as Pete Evans’ marketing asserts on the package. The gravy has lovely chunks of juicy zucchini and also carrots throughout. It’s not as heavy as regular gravy, but was delicious.

Healthy Everyday with Pete Evans Coottage Pie Review unboxed
The meal straight after heating it up

The sweet potato mash isn’t as creamy as Thr1ve’s mash. This works to the meal’s advantage, because when you place the sweet potato on top of the gravy it acts as a contrast. The mash itself has a fresh and light taste, and is more substantial than Thr1ve’s mash.

Healthy Everyday with Pete Evans Coottage Pie Review ready to eat
It tasted great!

Overall this meal tasted great!



I give this meal a ⅘ stars. The lack of greens is disappointing, although you could address this by making a small salad which I do anyway. The meal itself is delicious and will make you keen to try other meals in the lineup…which is tough given that you can only now buy this at stockists around Australia rather than from the company directly. At my local stores the only other options I could buy were the pulled pork and green chicken curry meals.

  • Taste. These meals are well designed and taste amazing. 5/5
  • Quality. From the container to the ingredients chosen, these meals are top quality. 5/5
  • Nutrition. Unfortunately this meal doesn’t have any substantial greens to speak of. It’s also quite protein heavy which might not fit everyone’s diet goals. 4/5
  • Quantity. This is a large meal at 400g, which means it gets full marks. 5/5
  • Price. At $12.95 this meal sits at a common price point for larger healthy meals. 4/5
  • Shelf life. These meals last a whopping 28 days in the fridge which is amazing! 5/5
  • Frozen vs fresh. Fresh. 5/5

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