The Best Biohacking Podcasts for 2020

Here are the best and most engaging podcasts for those looking to biohack their way to improved health and performance.

In addition to a short summary of what you can expect from each podcast, I’ve also included some specific episode suggestions which I personally have listened to and found useful to get you started.

There’s a little bit of overlap here as the below podcasters also tend to be guests on each other’s podcasts, but between the episodes below it should cover off a few topics including nutrition, sleep, fitness and more.

Some of the podcasts below are not strictly biohacking podcasts, but they frequently feature interesting guests which useful to biohackers, hence why I decided to include them.

Table of contents

The Kevin Rose Show

Kevin Rose Show Podcast Cover

Kevin Rose is the founder of Digg and an entrepreneur and tech investor from Silicon Valley. Kevin is also a biohacker, so his podcast mostly revolves around different personalities in the space. It’s mostly in a Q&A format, and it’s tightly edited so there’s no waffle or filler. Some great episodes for biohackers include:

  • Matthew Walker, the author of “Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams”. This episode goes through the main findings in Matthew’s book, and some great information about sleep and its impact on disease and the mind, what Matthew thinks of the current crop of sleep-tracking wearables, lessons of sleep from the “blue zone” where the world’s oldest people live, and his five tips for getting better sleep quality. Side note: There’s also a slightly longer but more conversational podcast between Joe Rogan and Matthew Walker too if you prefer.
  • Tim Ferriss. In true Tim Ferriss fashion, this episode delves into the practical details behind Tim’s own health and biohacking regimen. This episode covers topics including Tim’s mindset, supplements and more.
  • Serge Fauget. Serge is an entrepreneur well known for his startups including TokBox. He’s also a biohacker and has some interesting articles on Medium which go over some of the content in this podcast. This episode basically goes into the rationale behind why Serge is a biohacker, and then delves into some of the changes he’s made to his life to reach his goal of increased intelligence. It touches on his thoughts about diet, drugs, supplements, meditation, sex and more.
  • Valter Longo. Dr Valter Longo is a researcher known for his work in longevity. This podcast delves into his work studying centenarians living in various blue zones around the world, his thoughts on fasting and his own fasting mimicking diet. It’s an interesting podcast which gave me some interesting counter ideas to current trends including the keto diet and intermittent 16/8 fasting.

Bonus pick: Kevin’s AMA goes through lots of useful topics ranging from health tips to notes on being a good entrepreneur and having a good relationship with your life partner. He also has an episode with Ben Greenfield which is great, but as I included him a number of times in this guide below I omitted it from my top picks above.

The Quantified Body

The Quantified Body Podcast Cover

This podcast is a hybrid where the host Damien Blenkinsopp has episodes with great guests such as Dom D’Agostino, and also has episodes where he talks about experiments he runs on himself. Unfortunately episodes aren’t being released very frequently at the time of writing, but there’s a number of previous episodes already released to get you started:

  • 10-day water fast. Bob runs many n=1 experiments on himself, and some of these are fasts. In this episode, Bob talks about his experience with a 10-day water fast! He explains his protocol, the benefits of fasting, and how he created the experiment. He also has great experiments on 5-day water fasts and the 5-day fast mimicking diet.
  • Using HRV to optimise fitness. This is the first episode of The Quantified Body podcast and it’s great because it delves into the basics of using HRV with a professional, in this case Andrew Flatt P.hd. The episode covers how HRV works, how to take readings, app and device recommendations, the accuracy of different sensors, and how to use your HRV score. I found it to be an interesting look into the topic.
  • Bob Troia. Bob Troia or “Quantified Bob” is one of the personalities in the biohacking community. He’s a genuine and honest biohacker who does many n=1 experiments on himself. This podcast delves into his history and how he got started in biohacking and the quantified self movement. It then goes deeper into how he has used information to improve his life, including using testing, diet and supplementation to help with his own exhaustion issues. The podcast also lists Bob’s experience with the Bulletproof Diet, and how Bob uses doctors to interpret his tests.

Bulletproof Radio

Bulletproof Radio Podcast Cover

Bulletproof Radio is the official podcast of Dave Asprey and the Bulletproof brand. In addition to hours of podcasts with leading guests in areas directly related to biohacking such as longevity, nutrition, fitness and sleep, Dave also interviews guests to unlock their secrets of success in business, mindset and more. There are too many big names on this podcast to mention, but Dave has chatted to the likes of Charles Poliquin, Dr. Oz and even Robert Greene, author of the 48 Laws of Power. Here are some useful episodes for biohackers:

  • The healing power of Oxygen. This episode with Dr Paul Harch is a great introduction into the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a biohack. In it, Dr Harch covers how oxygen therapy works and also its use in treating concussions and for muscle recovery. It’s a great conversation with lots of value for those looking for alternative therapies.
  • Light hacking: infared, the sun & your health. In this podcast Dave speaks to Justin Strahan and Scott Nelson, the co-founders of Joovv, about infrared light therapy. They go into detail about how infrared light benefits the body, how it differs from sunlight, the safety of using infrared light therapy, and the problems with artificial light. They also touch on using infrared light for hair growth, mental clarity and much more. Overall it’s a great starter episode for infrared light therapy, although now I want to buy a Joovv!
  • Reverse the Age of Your Brain. In this episode Dave talks to Dr Daniel Amen about how to reverse the age of your brain. It’s a great episode because Dr Amen goes through his BRIGHT MINDS method for protecting and reversing your brain age, covering topics such as low blood flow which is one of the major predictors of Alzheimer’s. He also delves into other key points to address for brain health including toxins, neurohormone deficiencies, retiring, mental health, genetics and more. It’s a great episode full of practical advice and supplement suggestions.

Smart Drug Smarts

Smart Drug Smarts Podcast Cover

Smart Drug Smarts is a high quality podcast with host Jesse Lawler which is centered around nootropics but also delves into many other aspects of biohacking including fitness, health and more. It’s a tightly produced podcast with minimal filler and a solid structure, including a regular neuroscience update section at the beginning of every episode. Here are some great episodes I’d recommend starting with:

  • Microdosing LSD with Dr. James Fadiman. This episode looks at the science behind the concept of microdosing with LSD, including results, benefits and doses. Then it delves into psychedelics more broadly, discussing ayahuasca and the importance of a guide when using some psychedelics.
  • The Cognito Awards. This two-part episode is a great place to start if you’re new to the Smart Drugs Smarts podcast. It’s a summary of some of the best guests and topics in recent times, and delves into categories such as ‘best public health warning’, ‘best turning over of the apple cart’ and more. The second part of the episode is probably the most useful for biohackers as it has awards for hacks for physical vitality and cognitive performance.
  • Theacrine with Dr. Richard Bloomer. Quite a few nootropic stacks include theacrine, so this episode is a useful primer to the substance, including where it’s naturally found, the studies being worked on at the moment, and some of the early findings surrounding its usefulness.

Ben Greenfield Fitness

BenGreenfield Fitness Podcast Cover

Ben Greenfield’s podcast is a comprehensive dive into different biohacking ideas. The episodes vary in length and content, with some being interviews, others being conference appearances, and then regular Q&A segments featuring Ben and others.

Here are some useful episodes to start with:

  • My favourite ‘health hack’. This is a great recent summary of some of Ben’s top biohacks for health. The format is actually a conversation between Ben and Vishen Lakhiani from Mindvalley University in Estonia. It covers a huge range of topics related to biohacking, including exercise tips for longevity from the world’s blue zones, the biggest problem with the average diet (hint: it’s not sugar), why Ben’s favourite health hack is cold exposure, tricks for better sleep, nutrigenomics and other anti-aging biohacks.
  • The best biohacks for longevity and drive. This is a Q&A format episode which delves mostly into longevity, but also tackles libido and even suppositories! It touches on electrical muscle stimulation, vibration, cold pools, photobiomodulation and plenty more. Ben then provides a large list of supplements, books and biohacks for increasing libido.
  • The keto reset diet with Mark Sisson. Mark Sisson is always a great guest on other podcasts, and this conversation with Ben is no different. This is a more recent chat with Mark so it goes into his most recent book: The Keto Reset. It’s an interesting chat because it brings to the fore alternative ideas to the keto diet, namely that you can temporarily jump into it for a period of six weeks to build ‘metabolic flexibility’ to be able to get into and out of ketosis regularly without the fog that usually comes with the transition. The chat delves into why Mark thinks you don’t always need to be in ketosis, and touches on how ketosis affects your genes and longevity.


FoundMyFitness Podcast Cover

Dr Rhonda Patrick’s podcast Found My Fitness is usually more of a Q&A style interview with a guest who is a prominent personality or researcher in their field. Some great episodes for biohackers include:

  • Dr. Jari Laukkanen. Dr Patrick chats with Dr Laukkanen about research he published regarding the long term health benefits of regular sauna use. Dr Patrick also has another episode about sauna use from an appearance at the Biohacker summit in 2016.
  • Refined sugar. This shorter episode is a great research-backed summary of why refined sugar shouldn’t be in your diet.
  • Personalised nutrition. Another short episode which delves into the tools you can use to find out more about your genes, and what polymorphisms you could look at when deciding how to improve your health and longevity.
  • Sulforaphane. In this episode Dr Patrick talks about the importance of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli for longevity and health. This episode veen caused a friend of mine to rush out and buy the equipment required to sprout broccoli!

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss Show Podcast Cover

Where the hell do you start with Tim Ferriss and the value of his podcast? There are so many great guests on his podcast which cover topics of interest to biohackers, and plenty of great chats with entrepreneurs and world class leaders and thinkers. Here are three great episodes to start with:

  • 5 tips and tools for better sleep. Sleep is a recurring theme among biohackers for good reason. Getting a good night’s rest could be a much better way to increase performance than using supplements and other biohacks. In this episode Tim talks about the various products and strategies he uses to wind down for bed. I’ve personally tried his tea recommendations, and his recommendation for products like the chilipad is supported by many others in the biohacking and self-improvement space.
  • The random show with Kevin Rose (333). The ‘random show’ episodes are a bit different to Tim or Kevin’s regular podcast episodes in that they’re more conversational. And of course having Kevin Rose in the episode as a guest means this episode strays into biohacking territory. This particular episode delves into the fasting mimicking diet and Kevin’s experience with doing it for longevity. It also covers the topic of alcohol and how Kevin makes sure he drinks less and Kevin’s experience with the ‘learning to learn’ course on Coursera. The final phase of the podcast covers Tony Robbins and Tim and Kevin’s experience with his material.
  • Peter Attia. I was first introduced to Dr Peter Attia on the Joe Rogan podcast (which is also a great and more recent episode), but he has a much earlier appearance on the Tim Ferriss show talking about ketosis, exogenous ketones, inflammation from exercise, blood tests, longevity, Peter’s thoughts on growth hormones, and recommended exercise workouts for longevity.

Bonus picks: Tim’s episodes with Dom D’Agostino (1, 2 and 3) are also great for learning the basics of ketosis and its applications.

The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience Cover

Joe Rogan is a UFC commentator, stand up comedian, martial artist, former actor and former host of Fear Factor. His podcasts are long (up to three hours) but I usually listen to them over the course of a day when I have time. They’re also more conversational in nature, rather than the Q&A formats on other podcasts, and because Joe is a comedian, they’re often funny too. Here are some interesting episodes for biohackers:

  • Mark Sisson. This episode introduced me to Mark’s Primal Blueprint concept, which is a very simple set of rules for health relying on our primal past, including: eating insects, animals and plants, moving around a lot per week at a slow pace and lifting heavy things among others. In the episode Mark goes through a bit of his history, introduces some of the key concepts in the Primal Blueprint and talks about nutrition, training and more.
  • Ben Greenfield. This was also my first introduction to the crazy biohacking ways of Ben Greenfield. In this episode they talk about some of the whacky experiments Ben has carried out on himself, plus how Ben has built his home from a biohacking perspective. Ben has also been in a more recent episode which delves into other biohacking concepts.
  • Dr Rhonda Patrick. Joe’s conversations with Dr Patrick are great and delve into a huge number of health concepts of interest to biohackers. In this initial episode they cover the importance of vitamin D, magnesium and other vitamins and minerals, how mutations work, longevity and much more. She’s also been in more recent episodes: 568, 672, 773, 901, 1054 and every single one of them is jam-packed with helpful suggestions for biohacking your health.

Bonus picks: While Joe seems to have soured on Dave Asprey in recent years, he has some early podcasts with him which are quite good (episodes 411, 361 and 275). Another great episode is his recent chat with Peter Attia.

Other podcasts

Here are some other podcasts that are also of note to biohackers, but which I haven’t yet listened to or are too specialised to include in the list above:

  • The drive with Peter Attia. Peter Attia is the founder of Attia Medical and is an MD. He specialises in longevity and his podcasts are detailed and interesting. He regularly talks about fasting, ketosis, diet, nutrition and other topics related to biohacking.
  • Biohackers Lab. This podcast is hosted by Gary and Sam, two health coaches. It delves into a range of topics of interest to biohackers, including diet, nutrition, ketosis, sleep and more.

If you’re also after some good book suggestions for biohacking to go with your podcasts, read our list of 30 best books for biohacking, health and nutrition!

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